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DBF Manager 2.57 build 275


Thanks to the DBF manager, the advanced database users got their prayers answered. Due to its easy configurations and flexibility, it can easily be used by professionals as well as new computer users. Power packed with incredible features, whether it is for individual use or for a company%u2019s database, DBF manager sees to all your database needs. In order to use it, no training is necessary. Its highly refined features especially the refined support for Data Structure Modification, data conversion, data editing, search and replace feature, are specifically made to fit each data type, providing immediate and easy access to your data. With the special table structure designer, the renaming, adding or deleting DBF files is made even easier.

Even though DBF Manager%u2019s new comprehensive tools like the Index Manager help to index a wide range of other dbf file formats including Foxpro, Clipper, Visual Foxpro and Dbase etc; these index files contain and maintain pointers which are recorded in table file so that they can be easily opened and modified. Even the feature of printing dbf files are added in the index file manager. The recording of these index files is done according to the index key values. These index files either open automatically when the connected table is opened or have to be opened exclusively by using the dbf manager%u2019s Index Manager Dialog Box. An index file might not be essential to read the .dbf data file but is closely associated with it, since the deletion of the index file might break the application. The Visual Report Designer can be used by corporate customers to make highly proficient and professional reports which can be exported and adapted to popular formats, most commonly used for data entry, like Excel and PDF.

The access to the records can also be limited with the use of temporary filter conditions, for every table that is opened a separate filter can be put into place. DBF Manager can be used to import data from numerous file formats thanks to its built-in import wizard, not only that but it is also capable of converting the index files in the dbf file data to sql, txt, xls, csv and html formats, quickly and easily. Index search along with text search can be used to search any number of database fields in dbf files; filtered searches as well as searches within a certain area are supported by DBF Manager, moreover the result of these searches can also be printed.

Apart from being cheap and cost-effective it can also be used to simply view and edit dbf files with the dbf reader and dbf editor, instead of going into the heavy programming side. A free trail of the DBF Manager is available which can be downloaded straightaway and when ensured that DBF Manager is the perfect choice, for individual use or for corporate database, then a license can be chosen from a multi-tier online ordering system and the serial key will be emailed out to you.

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  • Manager databases.
  • Support for databases Clipper, dBase, FoxPro and Visual FoxPro.
  • Editing structures databases.
  • Searches indexed.
  • Searches rapid texts in selected fields.
  • Printing and data structures.
  • Friendly interface.
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